The Development and Economic Growth Research Programme (DEGRP, formerly the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme) funds world-class scientific research on inclusive economic growth in low-income countries (LICs). The programme’s principal aim is to generate policy-relevant research on four key areas: financial sector development and growth; agriculture and growth; innovation and growth; and China’s engagement in sub-Saharan African countries. DEGRP is funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and Economic and Social Research Council.

Visit Projects to learn more about individual research grants, or for an overview of the programme’s research activities and findings to date, view our 2018 research review.

DEGRP ends in September 2021 and this website will be offline from March 2022.

The Evidence & Policy Group

In addition to building a body of high-quality research, the programme also aims to promote effective communication of this research to key policy decision-makers around the world. The Evidence and Policy Group (EPG), based at ODI, supports both the programme and individual projects to maximise the profile, uptake and impact of DEGRP research.

Read more about the EPG’s approach to research uptake and impact.

Louise Shaxson
EPG Manager and Impact Lead
Dirk Willem te Velde
Innovation Technical Lead
Judith Tyson
Finance Lead
Steve Wiggins
Agriculture Technical Lead
Linda Calabrese
China-Africa Lead
Amanda Jones
EPG Coordinator
Aaron Bailey-Athias
Senior Communications Officer