Partnership with ACET produces 15 essays on innovation

Young business man talks to a young woman in a market, showing something to her on his laptop, Nigeria. Photo credit: I_am_zews / Shutterstock

September 14, 2021

Covid-19 has led to severe socioeconomic consequences in the African continent, and the pandemic is far from over. Even as countries continue to prioritise the immediate health and safety of citizens, government leaders and development partners are focused on Africa’s economic recovery. A strong and sustainable rebound after the crisis ends is critical to recapturing lost gains and keeping Africa on a transformation track.

In this way, innovation lies at the heart of Africa’s recovery. Digital technologies, for example, are helping to mitigate economics losses across sectors by creating new jobs, diversifying production, boosting productivity, increasing access to finance and revolutionising healthcare. Through the effective use of big data, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and more, African countries can emerge from the pandemic with more resilient economies, stronger public health systems and more inclusive and equitable societies.

The Development and Economic Growth Research Programme (DEGRP), in partnership with ODI, has collaborated with the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) to launch a series of short policy essays. In this special series, policy experts and researchers from ACET, DEGRP, ODI and other organisations explore the critical role of innovation in Africa’s recovery from Covid-19 by looking at innovation from a thematic perspective, identifying areas in which innovation can contribute to effective responses and offering high-level policy recommendations. The series has produced 15 policy essays, which can be accessed individually below.


Covid-19 – essays on innovation and recovery for Africa