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Enhancing Productivity in Bangladesh’s Garment Sector

Resource type: Policy essays

Published: 2014

Editor: Dirk Willem te Velde

Contributors: Dirk Willem te Velde, Christopher Woodruff, K.G.Moazzem, Takahiro Fukinishi, Nikhil Treebhoohun, Azam Mohammed

The events of 2013, and particularly the Rana Plaza collapse, have increased global scrutiny on the garment sector in Bangladesh. These policy essays by leading academics and decision-makers propose ways to enhance productivity, improve standards and sustain long-term growth.

In early 2014, The DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) and the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) brought together key academics and policy-makers in Dhaka to explore the challenges of economic transformation and growth in Bangladesh. The essays showcase those discussions, as well as new DEGRP research and practical examples from other countries.

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