Agricultural innovation for smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa

Our final synthesis report brings together DEGRP research on innovation by smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa with the wider literature.

Local manufacturing for health in Africa in the time of Covid‑19: experience and lessons for policy

This new webinar report highlights lessons and key arguments made by stakeholders for a broad-based industrial policy on local health manufacturing and development in Africa post-Covid-19.

Impact of pan-African banks on financial development in sub-Saharan Africa

Our new DEGRP synthesis report explores existing research on the rise of pan-African banks, and their impact on financial development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s interbank markets: progress, barriers and policy implications

Our new DEGRP synthesis report charts the landscape of the interbank financial markets, providing a policy pathway to developing and deepening the banking sector.

Africa’s economic transformation: the role of Chinese investment

This new synthesis report uses evidence from DEGRP research and beyond to assess whether and how Chinese trade, investment and finance contributed to economic growth in Africa.


DEGRP researchers awarded follow-on grants by ESRC

The DEGRP is delighted by the announcement that five of the programme’s researchers have been awarded further ESRC follow-on grants. With funding to continue projects in their areas of investigation, Orazio Attanasio (Institute of Fiscal Studies), Carlos Oya (SOAS...

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