Farmer-led irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa: synthesis of current understandings

Focusing on farmer-led irrigation, this new synthesis report brings together findings from DEGRP research with the wider literature on irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Capital flows and financial sector development in low-income countries

Our latest report explores how international capital flows influence financial sector development in low-income countries (LICs).

China-Africa: a maturing relationship? Growth, change and resilience

Our China-Africa policy essays feature explores topics such as industrialisation, employment dynamics, conservation, governance, and peace and security, all in the context of changing China-Africa relations.

Structural transformation and growth in Africa

A DEGRP project on structural change and productivity growth in Africa has contributed to a shift in the global narrative around structural transformation, among other changes.

Disease losses to agriculture: The impact of malaria in north-east Nigeria

This Research in Context brief summarises and sets in context findings from DEGRP-funded research project on the effects of malaria on labour productivity in Nigeria's agricultural sector.


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