New China-Africa research

July 10, 2015

Africa has seen unprecedented growth in the last decade, with China’s engagement in sub-Saharan Africa playing a part in this. Following the launch of the DEGRP China-Africa research stream, five projects have been selected to examine this development impact and evaluate what lessons China’s own economic transformation can offer other developing countries.

The research projects focus on the following issues:

  • The effects of China’s investment on employment in Angola and Ethiopia;
  • Whether China’s experiences can provide insights for local government in Kenya and Uganda and enhance economic growth and development;
  • How Chinese national oil companies influence international business and economic development in Ghana, Angola and Sudan;
  • China’s investment in manufacturing and contract farming and how this enhances structural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Kenya, Uganda and Zambia’s informal commodity trade and engagement with China.

This is a dedicated area of DEGRP research, which, along with existing research in the agricultural, innovation and finance themes, will be able to provide significant insights into the growth process in low-income countries.